Research Overview

The overarching goal of our research is to build biomimetic devices that can be used to treat neurological disorders. Specifically, we develop next-generation modeling and neural interface methodologies to investigate brain functions during naturalistic behaviors in order to (1) understand how brain regions such as the hippocampus perform cognitive functions, and (2) build cortical prostheses that can restore and enhance cognitive functions lost in diseases or injuries.

Computational Modeling

We synergistically combine mechanistic and input-output modeling approaches to build computational models to (1) investigate the underlying mechanisms of learning and memory, and (2) develop hippocampal prostheses to restore and enhance memory functions lost in diseases or injuries.

Neural Interface Development

We develop invasive and noninvasive neural interface technologies for chronic, wireless, multi-region, large-scale recording and stimulation of the nervous system in untethered animals to (1) study neural functions during naturalistic behaviors, and (2) develop implantable biomimetic neural prostheses and neuromodulation systems.